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Premium Booth, Affordable Prices!

Let’s face it - open spaces are busy and loud. The distractions of open-plan spaces hinder the ability to work quietly and efficiently. Our Kube Booths are the solution. With industry-leading noise reduction and exceptional air exchange rates, Kube Booths provide you with an affordable, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing way to add privacy to your space and improve productivity.

Superior Quality
Our sound reduction and air exchange rates are top of the line. Kube Booth was developed by IMT, a worldwide leader in modular wall solutions. Using IMT’s wall expertise and technological advances, the Kube concept evolved. Working in the Kube gives you the peace of mind of knowing that what is said in the Kube stays in the Kube.

Kube Booths offer unmatched flexibility. Not only do we offer four Booth sizes (Ki, Kme, Kwe, Kteam), but you can start with a Kme or Kwe and expand up to a space for 8 with our modular expertise. All Kubes come equipped with hidden casters to enable quick changes in a fast-paced world.

Fit Your Budget
While Kube Booths are top of the line, we pride ourselves with being less expensive than many other booths. How do we do this? We are cost conscious in all areas of our production from unitized components to streamlined marketing.

Environmental Stewardship
For Kube, quality and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. All our CNC machinery ensures minimum waste and all off cuts are fully recycled. Power modules are occupancy sensored to reduce hydro consumption. All wood meets the Forestry Stewardship Council requirements for sustainability.

Kubes Features

100 % Canadian Made

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Build Your Kube

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