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Why Kube?

Let's be real: open spaces are popular these days, but they often come with downsides in terms of unwanted noise and distractions, which can be difficult when you have crucial calls to make or tasks that require your full concentration . At Kubebooth, we understand the importance of having a peaceful, interruption-free space in every workplace. That's why we created the Kube Booth collection, specially designed to offer you peace in the midst of everyday hustle and bustle.

Our range of premium office booths starts with the compact one-person telephone booth, featuring superior noise reduction technology, excellent air change rates and an attractive design that complements any what decor. Our cabins provide a comfortable and conducive environment that ensures your work is as efficient as possible. The Kube Booth collection is highly adaptable by design, thanks to its unrivaled modularity. Our booths can easily be expanded from a two-person hub to a space that can accommodate 4, 6, or even 8 people. Additionally, all Kube cabins are stylish, easy to move and can blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of any workplace.

The polyester fiber acoustic soundproofing present in each Kube guarantees peace and quiet, making it the ideal choice for private calls, team meetings or simply a moment of serene concentration. With Kubebooth, you can transform your workspace into a balance of collaborative openness and individual privacy, creating a more peaceful and productive work environment.

Join the Kubebooth revolution today and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every task, no matter how important, deserves a Kube.




Before launching Kube, we spent 20 years building modular walls using proprietary technology. Our Kubes are made of the highest quality built by experts in the field.



Our booths are soundproofed to the max. Even the loudest talkers can have private conversations in a Kube booth. With certified sound insulation system of 36 dB, we can honestly say that we provide you with the best soundproof booth that guarantees privacy.



The Kube isn’t just functional, it’s also stylish. All the Kubes have clean lines with a modern style.


Reasonable Prices

Our manufacturing buying power and CNC machinery allows us to maximize material efficiencies. This allows us to pass those savings along to our customers without compromising quality or style.


Flexible & Customizable

We know the world is changing every day and the way we work has to be able to change right along with it. Our Kube Collection offers more than just a static product. Since our booths are on wheels, they can be moved within your space as needed and with no special tools or labor. Our modular history has translated to our Kube design allowing you to customize your Kube as needed. When you buy a Kube, you are providing the ultimate in flexibility now and into the future.

Kube Booth Collection

Kube Booth Collection

What Our Clients Say

We’re very happy with our Kubebooth; our staff use it all the time for video calls or quick meetings.

Larissa Fenn, Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority

We have really enjoyed the Booths and they have made such a difference in our space and for single meeting participation for our staff in a soundproof private space.

Alise Wilson, Canadian Premier League

The KUBE Booth Collection is a game-changer for anyone seeking a quiet and focused workspace. As someone who has struggled with noise and distractions in open environments, I found solace in the KUBE booths. Their commitment to providing a serene atmosphere is evident in their industry-leading noise reduction capabilities and greater air exchange rates. The sleek and aesthetically pleasing design of the booths adds a touch of sophistication to any setting!

Julia Carroll, Pinnguaq

We purchased 4 pods from Kubebooth for our Toronto office.  This is a game changer for my sales team, so much privacy and the team is able to make calls without disturbing the rest of the staff.

The product is the best I have seen in the market.  We are extremely happy with the entire process with IMT, from quote to installation, extremely professional and high quality.

I would highly recommend them to any office looking for office pods.

Yishay Waxman, President Thriver Inc.

We purchased two Kubes from Kubebooth for our headquarters office in Toronto and we love them. Everything from the service, delivery, the installation was impeccable. The quality is superior to other pods we’ve seen on the market. Our employees use them often for privacy and are extremely happy. We wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more pods in the future for our other offices.

I would highly recommend them to any office looking for office pods.

Tal Hayek, CEO Acuity Ads Inc.

Kube provided a great solution for our small business. With multiple people having online meetings at the same time, K i, the single person booth has become our third room in our office. From the very first contact to the installation, everyone was so caring, positive and professional. I want to thank especially Liat for being so responsive all the time, and then Guri for the quick installation no matter how challenging the installation was due to our ceiling height.

Burcu Akyol, Owner Northern Pathways

We recently opened up a new hearing clinic and needed a sound booth. Kube has the attenuation needed to be a great sound booth for hearing testing. While they weren't specifically made to be a booth for hearing testing, Kube has been great with support, even sending us some quieter fans necessary for bone conduction testing. We've been recommending them to all the clinic owners we can!

Mike Zacharias, Owner Anchor Hearing

We’re really enjoying our booth so far! Liat, Rachel, and the installation team have all been wonderful to work with. The installation folks did a terrific job. We’re pleased with both the product and the service, and I will recommend it vociferously to colleagues.

George Hawtin, Simcoe County Law Association

Our Happy Customers

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