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Kubebooth Kteam Floorless

Because you deserve the best!


Exterior Finishes

R60 Fresco
K16 Estrel
K60 Chiffon
K66 Whisper
K30 Spectra
732 Vision Mink
Pink Daisy
Glamorous Pacific
3026 Rustic Red
PP771 Blue Notte
P761 Fog
P725 Fume
P735 Relax Green
736 Ocean Blue

Interior Finishes

EG-08 Moon Gray
EG-10 Deep Gray
EG-02 Water Gray
EG-20 Deep Blue
EG-23 Turquoise
EG-04 Silver Gray
EG-30 Dark Camel

Door Hardware


Aluminum Corners



  • Personalized Company Branding Logo (15" x 15", 2 Colors)

  • Frosted Film Glass

  • Ethernet & Landline Ports

  • Seismic bracing

  • LCD TV Mount Bracket

  • White Glass Board

  • External fire extinguisher unit

  • Bluetooth Speaker

  • Occupancy Lights

About Kubebooth Kteam Floorless

Because you deserve the best!

Our most extraordinary work yet, our Kteam floorless office pods are our premium ADA-compliant pods that, depending on the configuration, can comfortably sit four, six, or eight. 

The Kteam Floorless office booth is a spacious meeting solution meticulously engineered for teamwork, offering unrivaled comfort, confidentiality, and adaptability for group meetings. With its 36dB noise reduction rating, the Kteam floorless guarantees a serene atmosphere for focused conversations, shielding discussions from external distractions and making it the quintessential setting for dynamic team discussions, strategic planning sessions, and creative brainstorming sessions.  

Plug-and-play functionality and its floorless design require no construction, offering a hassle-free, swift, and efficient addition to your office space. Furthermore, customizable internal and external options ensure the Kteam floorless seamlessly integrates with your office aesthetics.

Elevate your team's collaboration experience to unprecedented heights with the Kubebooth Kteam Floorless Phone Booth, where innovation intertwines with adaptability to create a truly dynamic workspace.


Made in Canada
Made in Canada

We take pride in being fully manufactured in Canada, allowing us to be fully involved in the Kubebooth process - from manufacturing all the way to delivery.


With a certified sound insulation of 36dB, we can honestly say that we provide you with the best system that guarantees privacy.

Air Quality
Air Quality

Kubebooths have 100 air exchanges per hour and motion activated fans that ensure a safe and comfortable space to work.

High Quality
High Quality

Our fabrics are made of the highest acoustic proof materials available on the market.


Our booths can be personalized to match the aesthetic of your workspace as we have a wide variety of interior and exterior finishes.

Plug and Play
Plug and Play

The simpler the better - our booths require no configuration whatsoever. Simply plug and play!


Our booths are modular in design, allowing you to extend it from a two-person booth to a four, six or eight-person booth.

Key Features

UL Approved Data Center
UL Approved Data Center

Stay connected in your Kubebooth with our UL Approved data center, featuring 1 USB port, 1 USB C port, 2 simplex outlets, and an 8ft cord.

Optimal Air Circulation Vent
Optimal Air Circulation Vent

Enjoy fresh air with our booth's air vent ensuring 100 air exchanges per hour.

Durable Aluminum Hinge
Durable Aluminum Hinge

Our office booths are fortified with aluminum hardware components, including 6036-T6 hinges, offered painted or anodized.

Energy-Efficient Motion Sensor
Energy-Efficient Motion Sensor

Energy-efficient motion sensor activates lights and fans, extending the life of the booth and aiding in sustainability.

Versatile Laminate Worktop
Versatile Laminate Worktop

Choose from black or white laminate worktop to blend with your office aesthetics. Size varies depending on the booth chosen.

We care about the environment

At our core, we combine superior quality with a deep respect for environmental management. Our advanced CNC machines maximize efficiency, significantly reducing material waste to the bare minimum. We are proud to source wood products from forests certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council, ensuring our commitment to sustainable management and preservation of natural resources. Additionally, we believe in the power of recycling and are dedicated to the complete recycling of scraps generated during production.

Our products stand out not only for their quality but also for their environmental qualities:

  • GreenGuard certified materials
  • Wood from sustainably managed forests
  • Multiple life product cycle
  • Recyclable metal


What Our Clients Say

We’re very happy with our Kubebooth; our staff use it all the time for video calls or quick meetings.

Larissa Fenn, Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority

We have really enjoyed the Booths and they have made such a difference in our space and for single meeting participation for our staff in a soundproof private space.

Alise Wilson, Canadian Premier League

The KUBE Booth Collection is a game-changer for anyone seeking a quiet and focused workspace. As someone who has struggled with noise and distractions in open environments, I found solace in the KUBE booths. Their commitment to providing a serene atmosphere is evident in their industry-leading noise reduction capabilities and greater air exchange rates. The sleek and aesthetically pleasing design of the booths adds a touch of sophistication to any setting!

Julia Carroll, Pinnguaq

We purchased 4 pods from Kubebooth for our Toronto office.  This is a game changer for my sales team, so much privacy and the team is able to make calls without disturbing the rest of the staff.

The product is the best I have seen in the market.  We are extremely happy with the entire process with IMT, from quote to installation, extremely professional and high quality.

I would highly recommend them to any office looking for office pods.

Yishay Waxman, President Thriver Inc.

We purchased two Kubes from Kubebooth for our headquarters office in Toronto and we love them. Everything from the service, delivery, the installation was impeccable. The quality is superior to other pods we’ve seen on the market. Our employees use them often for privacy and are extremely happy. We wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more pods in the future for our other offices.

I would highly recommend them to any office looking for office pods.

Tal Hayek, CEO Acuity Ads Inc.

Kube provided a great solution for our small business. With multiple people having online meetings at the same time, K i, the single person booth has become our third room in our office. From the very first contact to the installation, everyone was so caring, positive and professional. I want to thank especially Liat for being so responsive all the time, and then Guri for the quick installation no matter how challenging the installation was due to our ceiling height.

Burcu Akyol, Owner Northern Pathways

We recently opened up a new hearing clinic and needed a sound booth. Kube has the attenuation needed to be a great sound booth for hearing testing. While they weren't specifically made to be a booth for hearing testing, Kube has been great with support, even sending us some quieter fans necessary for bone conduction testing. We've been recommending them to all the clinic owners we can!

Mike Zacharias, Owner Anchor Hearing

We’re really enjoying our booth so far! Liat, Rachel, and the installation team have all been wonderful to work with. The installation folks did a terrific job. We’re pleased with both the product and the service, and I will recommend it vociferously to colleagues.

George Hawtin, Simcoe County Law Association

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