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Acoustic Phone Booths

Posted on 13 May 2022

Acoustic Phone Booths

Phone booths are increasingly returning to the mainstream, only this time with a twist – they have been rebranded to slot into offices. And while the advent of the mobile device has seemingly relegated these once-popular phone booths to the background, today's modern workplaces are finding an important use for them. 

These office phone booths offer a personalized workspace where you can focus entirely on your job, free from frustrating external distractions. In addition, studies have shown a direct relationship between the serenity of workspaces and increased productivity, and office phone booths can help you achieve this goal. 

When working in an open-plan office space, finding a private place to take a call seems almost impossible. To break away from the sound of crunching keypads and colleague chatter, you are forced to find some random corner in the office, where even there, you are not guaranteed complete privacy. With our office phone booths, you don't have to worry about these situations, as a private space will always be available to YOU!

Acoustic Phone Booths

Office phone booths are made of soundproof materials, specially designed to shut out all noise from nearby. The noise reduction system employed in the construction of the booths creates an environment where occupants are secure against ambient noise from the outside world. And also ensure that all conversations inside the booth stay completely private.

Acoustic phone booths create a safe and convenient space for employees to come together to close deals, make private phone calls, or get some silent work done. These phone booths' serenity can stimulate a more comfortable and practical working atmosphere.  

So if you're interested in upgrading your workspace, keep reading about why you should buy Kube Booths!

Acoustic Phone Booths

Here are five reasons why you should consider Kubebooth:  

1. High-Quality Materials

We only use high-quality materials, and 100% of our manufacturing process occurs in Canada. Our fabrics are made of the highest acoustic-proof materials currently available. Additionally, our office pods are equipped with noise-cancellation technology.

2. Modular and Extendable

Whether you are looking for a booth for one, a double,  or even a meeting room, we have a booth that will meet your requirements. Furthermore, our booths are designed to be modified, meaning that with just a few simple additions, you can turn your Kwe booth into a Kteam booth that can fit up to eight people.

3. Moveable

They are designed and built on casters to be easily movable around the office. 

4. Comfortable and Free of Distractions

Our booths offer a secluded and comfortable space where phone conversations and official transactions can occur, free of distractions.

5. Save excess costs

Why spend the extra tens of thousands of dollars it would cost to create new meeting rooms or private spaces when you can get all that utility for a fraction of the cost from our various booths?

By purchasing with Kubebooth, you provide your employees with a comfortable, safe, and convenient space to make their Big Ideas Happen!

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