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Creating a Balance Between Isolation & Connection at Work

Posted on 14 November 2022

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Now more than ever organizations are exploring with the foundation of their office set up, experimenting with open-space offices and dynamic work from home programs in an effort to establish a healthy environment that promotes productivity while also establishing a strong internal culture. When surveyed, many office workers split their opinion on what they want from their ideal work environment - some select team-centric open spaces, while others point to privacy and more secluded environments. The lack of conformity can be attributed to the versatile conditions required for productivity, as such modern businesses are learning that it’s not one or the other when it comes to isolation or communal spaces, instead what’s important is maintaining a balance between the two.

Kubebooth provides businesses across Canada with customizable soundproof booths and office pods. Their modular design allows them to be used for independent work or collaboration. 

Why Isolation Matters at Work?

A space where an individual employee can access quiet, solitude and separation from the group is vital to enable productivity and focus. Interruptions are inevitable when working as part of a team, but when deadlines are fast approaching, even the most minor distraction can make completing an urgent task a challenge. Individual workspaces like office pods give employees the separation required to mitigate disruptions and maintain focus for extended periods of time. Studies also show that accessing some moments of quiet helps to improve cognition and creativity. Essentially, meaning after long days, even weeks, of meetings and socialization, a soundproof booth where one can work alone for a few hours has the power to rejuvenate the mind for better output. 

Why Connection Matters at Work?

While privacy and independence in the office are undeniably important, fostering connection between teams and across departments is also essential for positive company culture and success at work. Similar to alone-time, connecting with co-workers enables efficiency and reduces stressors because it contributes to better communication, ultimately increasing productivity. When teams feel comfortable working together, asking questions, and sharing ideas, everything from strategizing to problem solving happens seamlessly. Open-offices are a great way to put people in front of each other to foster connections, but businesses can take it a step further with office meeting pods. Our modular soundproof booths create a designated area where groups of different sizes can meet to discuss in an enclosed environment. The outside sound reduction allows everyone in the booth to listen closely to their peers and build off each other's ideas. Research has found that, in fostering connection in the workplace, not only does performance improve, but the general well-being of the team does as well, leaving employees feeling less stressed and more engaged in their job. 

How to Balance Both? 

Isolation and connection are opposites on paper, but they actually go hand-in-hand. The ideal workplace is a dynamic environment that compensates for different projects and varying employee needs. Office pods are a great way to equip your office with the fixtures your teams need. Kubebooth offers a selection of soundproof booths that come in multiple sizes and styles to fit the nature of your workspace and the needs of your employees. 

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