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How Meeting Pods Encourage Collaboration at the Office

Posted on 26 October 2022

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Surveys show that in 2022, 75% of office workers point to collaboration and teamwork as one of the most important ingredients to success and productivity at work. 

In an effort to facilitate communication within teams and across departments, many organizations have invested in instant messaging software and even project management tools. While these technologies have been able to bridge communication gaps, they do not address the need for a personal connection between teams.

One effective method for building a more unified and connected team is by addressing the environment. Installing innovative office pods and meeting pods to your open space office helps your team work together seamlessly, enhancing creativity and productivity. 

Kubebooth is a leading provider of modular and customizable office pods that can be tailored to the particular needs of both your business and space. Our soundproof pods give team members a designated workspace where they can focus on a project in groups of virtually any size to brainstorm, strategize, and execute high-level work.  

How to Create a More Collaborative Environment 

The office layout plays a significant role in how people interact with each other within it. Office setups that prioritized personal offices with closed doors, dark colours, and narrow passageways notably inhibited physical movement minimizing the visibility of other team members, ultimately discouraging connection among and across departments, making collaboration virtually impossible.

Introducing high-quality meeting pods into your office helps break down physical barriers to collaboration by giving employees a designated area where they can sit with team members face-to-face without interruption, encouraging connection rather than barring it. 

Space for Quiet Thinking 

While working as a team is entirely dependent on the ability to communicate and share, there must also be space and time for quiet contemplation. In many cases, ambient sound that exists naturally around the office can stifle creativity and disrupt thinking. Soundproof office pods establish a space where any individual employee or group can contemplate, nurture, and refine budding ideas into fully fleshed strategies without distraction from external stimuli. 

Remove Communication Silos

Communication silos are barriers that exist between different organization levels (ex., C-Suite vs Middle Management etc.) or between various departments within an organization (ex., Sales, Marketing, R&D). These silos often occur unintentionally but end up blocking communication and straining relationships between different segments of an organization, which lead to more time and effort being put into tasks. 

Meeting pods are a great space to kick off new projects. Representatives from every department can comfortably gather in an isolated area to receive project details and expectations while also seeing first-hand who else will be involved along with their individual responsibilities. 

Revolutionize Collaboration with Office Pods from Kubebooth

Introducing soundproof meeting pods from Kubebooth to your office space can drive collaboration and reap the benefits of a more connected, creative, and productive team. Our office pods range from individual office phone booths to expandable meeting pods. With a wide range of customization options, you can find the perfect match for your space. 

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