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How Office Set Ups Affect Team Performance

Posted on 13 December 2022

office phone booths and meeting pods

One of the most telling indicators of a healthy and functional team is how engaged employees are at work. Good morale is infectious, keeping team members around longer and delivering. While curating a positive environment supports your team, it also supports your bottom line. Studies show that businesses with highly engaged employees are up to 21% more profitable than those with high turnover and burnout. The undeniable truth is that morale matters for individuals and businesses alike, and the work environment can play a significant role in team engagement. As a result, companies are investing more in technology like office phone booths, internal software, and even interior design improvement to generate an overall productive and engaging work environment. Kubebooth is a leading provider of high-quality office booths and meeting pods that can transform your workspace. Contact us today to learn how we can help build your dream office space. 

Here's how your office environment affects team morale and productivity. 

Enable Privacy

As more studies are released, the research shows that employees increasingly expect privacy at work. While managing your teams is non-negotiable, it's important to also provide them with the space to work freely which has many positive effects on work ethic and job satisfaction. Office phone booths are a great addition to the modern office. They allow employees to slip out of communal areas, take calls privately, or even handle personal matters out of earshot. Flexible workspaces and office pods create a distraction-free zone where team members can reflect on their thoughts to build innovative ideas or work without distractions to complete tasks promptly. Ultimately, working in private conveys a sense of trust between management and employees, making your team feel better about their position and work.

Curate Collaboration 

On the flip side of privacy is collaboration. When employees feel comfortable sharing with teams, reaching out for help, and working together, they feel more supported. You can encourage collaboration within your team by establishing team zones. Kubebooth's selection of meeting pods is customizable and modular - expanding to seat anywhere from two to eight people. Designating a station for collaboration is a clear communication to your employees and your organization as a whole that teamwork is not just welcome, it's encouraged. And when individuals know that they have the option to work in a way that adheres to their needs, they feel more engaged and inclined to show up every day. 

Cleanliness & Air Quality 

When your office space is healthy and clean, teams feel better spending hours at work on a daily basis. Unfortunately, indoor pollutants like smoke, mould, and dust can sneak into office spaces unannounced, leaving teams feeling sick and unmotivated. If these air quality problems persist, they can quickly affect morale and productivity. 

When you install any Kubebooth meeting pods or office phone booths Kubebooth, the fresh, clean pollutant-free air you maintain in your open office space is cycled over 100 times per minute promoting healthy cognition and comfort within the walls of your office booths. 

Build Workspaces that Drive Morale with Kubebooth

Engagement and team morale are responsible for employee retention, quality work, and job satisfaction. By boosting morale through your environment, you can perpetuate a positive work culture that builds your brand, attracts great new team members, and keeps your customers happy. Custom meeting pods and office phone booths available from Kubebooth can help you take your office space to the next level, equipping your teams with tools that support a positive work environment. 

To learn more about Kubebooth, contact us today. 

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