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How Soundproof Office Booths Support Successful Meetings

Posted on 11 January 2023

soundproof meeting pods

Have you ever been in a meeting where you can barely hear what's being said because of the constant background noise? Or perhaps you've been the one trying to present, only to be interrupted by a loud conversation happening right outside the conference room door. If either of these scenarios sound familiar, allow us to introduce you to soundproof office booths.

These booths are becoming increasingly popular in open-plan offices, coworking spaces, and other shared work environments, where distractions and noise can make it difficult to concentrate, and in addition to providing a quiet space for individuals to work, soundproof office booths can also support successful meetings. Soundproof pods provide you and your team a private, distraction-free space to brainstorm new ideas, conduct team meetings or even get some much-needed alone time in. In short, they're the ultimate office productivity hack. 

But don't just take our word for it. Here are a few ways that soundproof office booths can support successful meetings.

Benefits of Meeting Pods for the Modern Office

  1. Improved focus and concentration. It's hard enough to pay attention in a meeting as it is, let alone when you're also trying to tune out the sound of your coworkers chatting or the squeaking of the office chairs. In fact, a recent study conducted by the University of California, Irvine, found that the average office worker is interrupted or switches tasks, on average, every three minutes and five seconds. And on average it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds just to get back to where they left off.  By eliminating external distractions, meeting pods allow you to fully immerse yourself in the task at hand and contribute to the discussion more effectively. 
  2. Enhanced confidentiality. Sometimes, you just need to have a sensitive conversation without the worry of being overheard. Soundproof office booths provide the perfect solution for this, giving you the peace of mind that your discussions will remain between you and your team.
  3. Better acoustics. Not all conference rooms are created equal, and some have terrible acoustics that makes it hard to understand what's being said. Soundproof office booths can help to improve the sound quality in your meetings, ensuring that everyone can hear and be heard clearly.
  4. Increased efficiency. No more wasting time trying to find an empty conference room or waiting for someone to finish up their call. With soundproof office booths, you can simply grab a space and get down to business. Plus, the added privacy means you can get through your agenda faster without any interruptions.

So why not give our soundproof office booths a try? You'll be amazed at how much more productive and successful your meetings can be. Plus, they're pretty fun to hang out in. Just don't blame us if you get a little too comfortable and end up taking a long "conference call" nap.

At Kubebooth, we offer a wide range of customizable meeting pods for office spaces. Our meeting pods' modular design makes accommodating groups of two to eight people easy.

To learn more about our selection of high-quality soundproof office booths, reach out to the Kubebooth team directly. 


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