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Office Phone Booths for Workplace Aesthetics

Posted on 13 May 2022

Office Phone Booths for Workplace Aesthetics

Looking for design inspiration in a workspace isn’t easy, and the value of a well-designed office plays a critical role in the environment a company offers. Studies have shown that the aesthetic quality of your workplace plays a vital role in conditioning the working atmosphere. When overseeing the design of a workspace, everything from the layout, to the lighting, air exchange and wall fixtures must be accounted for.

While the furnishing aspects of designing a workspace is a big ask of anyone, the consideration of space constraints makes designing a workspace even more challenging. This is where office phone booths play a vital role. Our office phone booths allow you to make the most out of your workspace, providing your office with a safe, aesthetic and private workspace, without the need of a great space commitment.

Office phone booths are prefabricated enclosures that are increasingly becoming a “must-have” in all professional settings, especially in open-plan workplaces. They come in a wide range of sizes, colours and other customizable features. Kube Booths are designed to become your office’s go-to place for anything from private phone calls, to brainstorming ideas and having team meetings.

Here are five reasons why you need a Kube Booth:  

1. Customizable 

Office Phone Booths for Workplace Aesthetics

Kube Booths come in several designs, shapes and profiles that you can choose from. And, if you’re not satisfied with the options available, you can build your phone booths to meet the aesthetic of your workspace.

2.  High-Quality Materials

Kube Booths are built with high quality and durable materials – our booths are made to last!

3. Moveable

Kube Booths are designed and built on casters, allowing for easy relocation in a constantly changing office environment.

4. Save excess costs

Purchasing a Kube Booth allows for the development of new meeting rooms and private spaces at a fraction of the cost of regular meeting rooms.

5. Premium Quality at Competitive Prices

With our high-quality and durable materials, we offer long-lasting booths manufactured in North America at competitive prices.

Purchase a Kube Booth today for a customizable and affordable workspace to match the aesthetic of your office!

Office Phone Booths for Workplace Aesthetics

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