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The Future is Here: Innovative Accessible Designs for Modern Offices

Posted on 20 June 2024

The Future is Here: Innovative Accessible Designs for Modern Offices

The mission is clear for business owners and office furniture dealers – to construct workspaces where every individual, regardless of physical capabilities, can thrive. At Kubebooth, we resonate deeply with this mission. We are thrilled to offer our latest innovation, the Floorless Collection of soundproof office pods, designed to make universal design a tangible reality in the workplace.


Our expertly engineered pods are a testament to our commitment to accessibility and flexibility. We provide the best office pods in the industry with a certified noise reduction level at 36dB. We open access doors more than ever by eliminating traditional flooring, particularly for wheelchair users. The customizable nature of our pods extends to every detail, including the door handles, which are designed to be interchangeable, allowing for left or right-handed opening and adapting seamlessly to the unique requirements of your space.


Comfort and adaptability go hand in hand, and to this end, our pods feature customizable worktop heights for ergonomic alignment suited to each individual's comfort. The solitude needed for concentration or sensitive conversations is guaranteed, thanks to our advanced soundproofing technology, ensuring the hustle and bustle of the workplace remains on the outside.


Crucial to the well-being of occupants, our pods are equipped with sophisticated air ventilation systems that promote clean air circulation and maintain a comfortable and consistent internal climate by circulating fresh air every 30 mins even when not used. 


Inclusive design sits at the core of what we do at Kubebooth. We believe in fostering an environment where every employee's well-being is prioritized, thereby nurturing a workplace that is more collaborative and productive and a true reflection of an empathetic and forward-thinking society.


Investing in our Floorless Collection is more than just an upgrade to your office furniture—it's an investment in your workforce's inclusivity, productivity, and overall satisfaction, driving your business towards a more inclusive and prosperous future.


We look towards the future with excitement and determination to deliver innovative and accessible designs for today's evolving offices. 

Come experience and understand how Kubebooth's Floorless Collection shapes workspaces to be more accessible, comfortable, and, ultimately, more human.

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