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The Path to Cubicle-Free Workspaces with Soundproof Booths

Posted on 30 December 2022

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Between the 1980s and 1990s, cubicles in the workplace became increasingly popular in offices across various industries. It was designed in the mid-twentieth century in an effort to empower office workers with their own individual workstations where they could spend their day in a personalized yet private space. Despite its ubiquity, modern offices are looking to move away from cubicle culture in favour of alternative office setups featuring innovative solutions such as soundproof booths and meeting pods that encourage productivity without sacrificing connectivity. 

Kubebooth, a leading Canadian manufacturer of premium office meeting pods and booths, supplies a range of modular and customizable soundproof booths that fit any office space. Learn how you can embrace a cubicle-free office space with soundproof booths and Kubebooth.

Why Do Offices Want to Say Goodbye to Cubicle Culture? 

Many studies have been conducted analyzing the effectiveness of cubicle-oriented workspaces. One study in particular led by Franklin Becker, Ph.D., director of the Cornell University International Workplace Studies Program, found that despite the intentions, cubicles created a false sense of privacy which made some workers make louder or more disruptive phone calls. In other cases, cubicles blocked physical access to coworkers making teams feel more isolated. Ultimately, these effects of cubicles have left organizations seeking setups conducive to productivity and camaraderie at work. 

How the Open Office Offsets the Cubicle 

To counter the effects of the cubicle, many offices today opt for the open office, which is praised for its ability to connect coworkers and break down communication barriers. Even in open offices enhanced with soundproof booths and office pods, glass paneling provides onlookers and passersby with the opportunity to assess body language and read social cues to determine the best time to ask a question or interrupt workflow. 

Were there Benefits to Office Cubicles?

As businesses pursue an office setting free of cubicles, it's only natural to consider whether there are any benefits of the cubicle that should not be left behind. And the truth is, even where the cubicle was not successful, the intentions of empowering individual employees were important. 

The cubicle aimed to provide privacy, quiet, and a lack of distractions to workers, all of which are key to productivity, focus, and creativity. Organizations can curate that environment with custom office booths from Kubebooth. 

How Kubebooth Office Pods Enhance Open Offices 

Our selection of soundproof booths is designed for the modern office environment, delivering a quiet environment separated from the hustle and bustle of the open office space. Soundproof office booths can be used by individuals or groups of 2 to 8 people on an as-needed basis to answer phone calls, practice presentations, brainstorm ideas, or collaborate on a strategy without infringing on the focus of other coworkers or putting up walls within teams. 

Why Choose Kubebooth for Your Office 

Our office solutions use high-quality materials and modern design to blend seamlessly into your space. Our innovative soundproof technology reduces the volume of the outside world so you and your teams can produce great work while saving time. To learn more about customizing your meeting pods, individual booths, and office phone booths, talk to the Kubebooth team today. 


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