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Why Privacy Matters at Work

Posted on 13 October 2022

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Open-space office layouts have redefined the modern workplace, allowing movement and connection between teams and breaking down communication silos that traditionally blocked productivity at work. As the modern workplace continues to evolve and walls come down, privacy remains an essential element that must be incorporated. Innovative office pods provide a straightforward solution, allowing offices to strike a balance between openness and privacy without sacrificing the advantages of either. 

At Kubebooth, you can find the perfect soundproof booths for your office to unlock the benefits of private spaces at work. 

Focus & Productivity

In an open-space office, discussions and brainstorming happen freely without barriers from physical walls and doors. But, when it's time to work on a task or project independently, the sounds of collaboration can inhibit focus and slow productivity. Studies show that even the most minor interruption can derail concentration, taking up to 25 minutes to get back on track. In fact, only 29% of people report that they can independently block out distractions effectively throughout their day. With a private soundproof booth on-site, individuals can escape into the quiet, where they effortlessly focus on small tasks or large projects and complete them in shorter time spans. The office pod provides a solo workspace that can be used at the discretion of employees who need a period of separation from stimuli that exists naturally in the open office. 


Open-space offices contribute significantly to creativity at work, but privacy is also a critical factor in fostering innovation. Leading thinkers agree that group environments are a great way to generate new ideas and flush out existing ones, but they also emphasize that for the most impact, quiet moments of reflection are just as essential. Being alone allows you to recharge and reflect in detail, thinking profoundly instead of moving quickly from one idea to the next. About 1 in 4 people who work in open office spaces refrain from sharing opinions and ideas while on calls. At the same time, 1 in 6 employees reports concern that their creativity is hindered when there is no dedicated independent workspace. 

A soundproof office pod allows you to spend time alone in a quiet atmosphere without disconnecting from the team, where you can put energy into developing your ideas into robust and creative strategies. By installing a Kubebooth Ki or Kme office pod in your workspace, your team can balance the community of the open space workplace and the creativity of a private office. 


Now, more than ever, a significant amount of business is handled via phone calls. Whether you're speaking with an important contact for the first time or finalizing a deal that has been in motion for weeks, telephone calls are serious business. In an open office, the buzzing sounds of the busy office in the background can quickly interfere with the ability to hear the person on the line causing you to miss critical details, causing distraction, frustration, and confusion for everyone involved. 

The privacy of an office phone booth from Kubebooth allows you to make a good impression by providing a reliable escape where you can conduct your call confidently in the comfort of a calm and orderly environment. 

Confidentiality & Compliance 

Sensitive information such as credit card numbers, personal information, and personnel matters come around from time to time. When dealing with sensitive data or topics, it is vital to employ strict security measures following compliance standards and HR regulations. Unfortunately, in a setup where people are all around, discretion is difficult and giving a task the privacy it requires becomes a challenge forcing employees to improvise. 

Studies found that 42% of people in open office environments will move to a bathroom, closet, or hallway to take a private call. In addition to being uncomfortable, these settings are equipped for work-related conduct, separating employees from their workstations, desks, and even chairs. 

Using innovative office booths from Kubebooth, businesses can introduce private workspaces and office phone booths, where confidential matters can be discussed freely without being overheard by neighbouring employees while retaining the benefits of the open workspace. 

Increase Privacy with Office Pods from Kubebooth

Enable a collaborative workspace without sacrificing privacy when you choose high-quality soundproof office phone booths from Kubebooth. Our selection of office pods is ideal for the busy office environment and brings style and functionality to the modern workplace. 

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