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soundproof office booths

Despite its ubiquity, modern offices are looking to move away from cubicle culture in favour of alternative office setups featuring innovative solutions such as soundproof booths and meeting pods that encourage productivity without sacrificing connectivity. 

office phone booths and meeting pods

How Office Set Ups Affect Team Performance

Posted on 13 December 2022

Studies show that businesses with highly engaged employees are up to 21% more profitable than those with high turnover and burnout. The undeniable truth is that morale matters for individuals and businesses alike, and the work environment can play a significant role in team engagement. As a result, companies are investing more in technology like office phone booths, internal software, and even...

soundproof office booths

In an effort to replicate the productivity of WFH, but still maintain company culture and overall connectivity, many businesses are now shifting towards a hybrid workplace model. For many businesses, this means reimagining the traditional workplace. With modern technology, like office booths, organizations have been able to better utilize their on-site environments to increase productivity...

soundproof booths

Now more than ever organizations are exploring with the foundation of their office set up, experimenting with open-space offices and dynamic work from home programs in an effort to establish a healthy environment that promotes productivity while also establishing a strong internal culture. When surveyed, many office workers split their opinion on what they want from their ideal work environment -...

office meeting pods

One effective method for building a more unified and connected team is by addressing the environment. Installing innovative office pods and meeting pods to your open space office helps your team work together seamlessly, enhancing creativity and productivity. 

soundproof office pods

Why Privacy Matters at Work

Posted on 13 October 2022

Open-space office layouts have redefined the modern workplace, allowing movement and connection between teams and breaking down communication silos that traditionally blocked productivity at work. As the modern workplace continues to evolve and walls come down, privacy remains an essential element that must be incorporated.

Acoustic Phone Booths

Acoustic Phone Booths

Posted on 13 May 2022

Phone booths are increasingly returning to the mainstream, only this time with a twist – they have been rebranded to

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