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Doctor consulting a patient

Privacy emerges as another critical challenge within the healthcare sector. Discussions about medical conditions, prognosis, and treatment plans require a safe, confidential environment. A 2020 study in the Canadian Journal of Bioethics found that one in five patients refrained from discussing health issues due to privacy concerns.

Architect designing

Hey! This one's for you, design maestros, architects, and interior designers! Have you ever wondered what goes on beyond desks and chairs to create a great work environment? Think vibe. It's all about the intricate details. Today, we will talk about noise pollution, a silent and seismic disruptor in the workplace. "Space, light, and order" are as essential to human health as bread and rest,...

Education shift

In our digitized and hyper-connected world, privacy is taking centre stage. And now, this holds more than ever in the education sector. As the fabric of education evolves, adapting and embracing changes is paramount to fostering environments conducive to effective teaching and learning. In this piece, we dive into the significance of privacy in education and discuss how Kubebooth's revolutionary...

KADA - Your accessible, inclusive and private workspace

In the dynamic global work environment, nurturing an inclusive workplace is no longer just about political correctness—it is a critical business strategy that embodies diversity and optimizes workforce performance. By creating an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and has equal access to opportunities, organizations promote innovation and productivity.

Kubebooth's In-House manufacturing process

Several recent studies indicate that manufacturing significantly pollutes the environment. Metals and plastics, for example, account for over 90% of greenhouse gases and waste produced in factories. Our soundproof booths, however, are manufactured in-house by Kubebooth, thereby reducing our environmental impact.

soundproof office booth

The majority of our time is spent at work, so it is crucial that we create a comfortable and tailored working environment. With a soundproof office booth that makes you feel at home at work, you will be more productive, happy, and well-being as an employee, resulting in a more satisfying work environment. Here are five ways you can improve the comfort of your soundproof office booth. 

soundproof office booths

Nowadays, open floor plans are a big thing. Although they encourage teamwork and collaboration, they can also be distracting and noisy, reducing employee productivity. That's where soundproof office pods come in. With these pods, employees get their own private office space in an open workplace, providing a quiet and comfortable working environment.

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